TO 44 Non-destructive testing and measuring techniques

Jernkontoret's technical area 44, Non-destructive testing and measuring techniques, is where collaboration takes place between companies and institutes interested in research into non-destructive testing (NDT).  

Committee meetings are arranged 2-3 times per year, at Jernkontoret or at member companies.

Committee Chairperson

Anders Björk, Ovako Sweden AB, Hällefors

Research Manager

Jonas Gurell, Jernkontoret

Member companies

Alleima AB, Sandviken
Ovako Sweden AB, Hofors
Ovako Sweden AB, Hällefors
SSAB Europe, Borlänge
SSAB Special Steels, Oxelösund
Uddeholms AB, Hagfors

Co-opted members

Högskolan Väst, Trollhättan
RISE, Göteborg
Swedish Institute for Standards, Stockholm
Swerim AB, Kista
Swerim AB, Luleå

Purpose and general orientation 

  • To develop non-destructive measuring techniques from being an aid in final testing to playing a determining and informational role in production processes. Substantial economic advantages can be achieved in this context.
  • To utilise the possibilities of handling and interpreting signals to open the way to more reliable assessment methods.
  • To apply non-destructive testing to
    - hot and cold materials
    - different dimensions and forms
  • To support activities relating to the "examination and certification of personnel who carry out non-destructive testing". This takes place through Jernkontoret being a part-owner of CSM NDT Certification AB and the Research Manager for this technical area being a member of the company’s board of directors.

How does one become a member of the technical area?

The technical area committee decides on the acceptance of new members. You are welcome to contact the technical area’s Research Manager if you are interested in participating in, or if you have questions concerning, our activities, membership fee etc.