There about thirty of us who work for Jernkontoret. If you wish to visit the Jernkontoret building the address is Kungsträdgårdsgatan 10 in central Stockholm. 

Managing Director and Heads of Department

Bo-Erik Pers

Managing Director (Chief Executive)

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Helén Axelsson

Energy and environment Director

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Maja Boström

Communications Director

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Gert Nilson

Technical Director

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Mathias Ternell

International Affairs Director

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Other employees (alphabetical order)

Eva Blixt

Senior Advisor (environmental issues) and Research Manager

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Helena Branting

Controller and HR manager

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Robert Eriksson

Research Manager

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Hanna Escobar-Jansson

Communications Officer, politics and opinion

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Lotta Gustafsson

Economy and administration

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Pär Hermerén

Senior Advisor (energy and climate issues)

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Elisabeth "Bettan" Jansson


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Lena Johansson

Conference manager

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Catarina Karlsson

Research co-ordinator, History of mining and metallurgy

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Amanda Källén

Process Leader

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Helena Malmqvist

Research Manager

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Rachel Pettersson

Research Manager

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Jari Pylkkö

IT and facilities manager

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Lars Ragnarsson

Process Leader

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Lotta Sörlin

Research co-ordinator

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Anna Thorell

Communications Officer, printed and digital channels

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Robert Vikman

Research Manager

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Håkan Öjerbring

Controller, research economy

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Rasmus Östlund

Project co-ordinator

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Karin Östman

Senior Advisor (environmental issues)

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