TO 23 Metallurgy

Jernkontoret’s technical area 23, Metallurgy, is where collaboration takes place between companies, universities and research institutes interested in research and technical development within the areas of pig iron production (including coking, pelletising, sintering and different reduction processes) electric arc furnaces, converter processes (LD, AOD, CLU) ladle metallurgy processes and refractory technology.

The technical area is divided into four research blocks, with the following working areas:

The technical area is divided into four research blocks, all of which report to a technical committee comprising the chairman, the chairmen of the research blocks and Jernkontoret’s research managers. The highest decision-making body is the technical area’s general meeting, where all participating companies in the research blocks are represented.

The technical committee meets 3-4 times a year at Jernkontoret or at member companies. The general meeting, on the other hand, is held every spring.

Committee Chairperson

Olle Sundqvist, Alleima AB, Sandviken

Research Manager

Christer Ryman, Jernkontoret

Member companies

ABB AB, Västerås
Alleima AB, Sandviken
Bet-Ker Oy, Ylivieska
Calderys Nordic AB, Höganäs
Carbomax AB, Västerås
Höganäs Borgestad AB, Bjuv
Höganäs Sweden AB, Halmstad
Kanthal AB, Hallstahammar
LKAB AB, Luleå
Outokumpu Stainless AB, Avesta
Ovako Bar AB, Smedjebacken
Ovako Imatra Oy Ab, Imatra
Ovako Sweden AB, Hofors
RHI Refractories Nord AB, Stocksund
SSAB Europe Oy, Brahestad
SSAB EMEA AB, Oxelösund
Uddeholms AB, Hagfors
Uvån Hagfors Teknologi AB, Kista
Vesuvius Scandinavia AB, Luleå

Co-opted members

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Luleå University of Technology, Luleå 
Swerim AB, Luleå

Purpose and general orientation

Technical area 23 is divided into four research blocks, with different working areas. The research blocks plan, implement and report research activities within the respective fields. The blocks prepare items for consideration, such as new research activities for decision in the technical area. The blocks present the research activities carried out to the technical committee. Membership of the research blocks determines participation in the technical area.

How does one become a member of the technical area?

The technical committee determines the acceptance of new members. Please contact the Research Manager of the technical area if you are interested in participating, or if you have questions on operations, membership fees etc.