Energy Council

The Energy Council’s area of responsibility covers issues relating to the energy market, climate change, energy efficiency and economic steering tools.

The Council

  • works to achieve good supply, a broad product mix and competitive prices for energy.
  • follows the climate issue and influences legislation and steering tools while working to achieve reduced emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • works to achieve that the conditions for the sector activities are based on objective grounds and on the basis of neutral competitiveness.
  • increases and diffuses knowledge of energy efficiency (amongst member companies).
  • maintains statistical information on energy use and energy production.
  • looks after and influences the development of new steering tools.  

Members of the Energy Council:

Magnus Pettersson, Höganäs Sweden AB, Chairperson
Ola Axelsson, Uddeholms AB
David Bellqvist, SSAB Europe
David Blecko, Uddeholms AB
Madelene Carlsson, Ovako Bar AB
Joel Dahl Öberg, Fagersta Stainless AB
Håkan Dedorsson, Björneborg Steel AB
Fredrik Edin, Ovako Sweden AB
Susanne Granberg, Uddeholms AB
Martin Hellström, Fagersta Stainless AB
Tomas Hirsch, SSAB AB
Magnus Jansson, Vargön Alloys AB
Henrik Lidman, Befesa ScanDust AB
Mari Linder, Outokumpu Stainless AB
Susanne Lindqvist, Alleima AB
Oskar Lundström, Boliden AB
Niklas Magnusson, Ovako AB
Maria Norberg, Uddeholms AB
Andreas Olsson, Outokumpu Stainless AB
Matts Persson, SSAB Europe
Jan Pettersson, SSAB Special Steels
Torbjörn Sörhuus, Ovako Bar AB
Nicklas Tarantino, Sustainable Steel Region
Paula Zetterberg-Eriksson, Ovako AB
Pär Hermerén, Jernkontoret, Secretary