Environment Council

The Environment Council’s area of responsibility covers process-related issues that relate to the external environment, e.g. discharges to air/water/land, waste and by-products as well as knowledge about chemical products.

The Council 

  • monitors developments in the environmental area at the national level, within the EU and also internationally.
  • works actively to ensure that the steel industry’s operating preconditions in the environmental area are based on factual information and are designed to be competition-neutral.
  • enables companies, through benchmarking, to present arguments in individual cases relating to permits.
  • acts to ensure that the industry is well informed about emission levels as well as waste and by-product volumes.

Members of Environment Council:

Klas Lundbergh, Chairperson, SSAB Special Steels
Anders Bergman, Höganäs AB
Haidi Bergqvist, AB Sandvik Materials Technology
Linda Bjurholt, LKAB
Henrik Blom, Carpenter Powder Products AB
Kristina Branteryd, SSAB Special Steels
Fredrik Carlson, Björneborg Steel AB
Johan Hjerpe, SSAB Europe
Katarina Hundermark, Ovako Sweden AB
Cecilia Johnsson, Uddeholms AB
Camilla Kaplin, Outokumpu Stainless AB
Jyri Kaplin, Outokumpu Stainless AB
Sanna Kilberg, Fagersta Stainless AB
Patrik Krekula, Ovako Sweden AB
Jonas Larsson, SSAB AB
Henrik Lidman, Befesa ScanDust AB
Karin Lundberg, SSAB Europe
Pelle Murelius, Sandvik Heating Technology AB
Maria Nilsson, SSAB Europe
Annelie Papadopoulos, Vargön Alloys AB
Åsa Rasmusson, Höganäs AB
Gunnar Ruist, Outokumpu Stainless AB
Torbjörn Sörhuus, Ovako Bar AB
Lars Tano, LKAB
Charlotta Torsner, Erasteel Kloster AB
Johan Uljons, Ovako Sweden AB
Maria Wik-Persson, Boliden Mineral AB
Karin Östman, Secretary, Jernkontoret