Research and Education Council

The Research and Education Council’s area of responsibility consists of joint industry research, EU research and university programmes as well as their relevant research areas.

Microstructure for the Fe-6Cr-3Mn-0.1Si alloy, oxidised at 900ºC. Photo: Swerim AB. 

This council includes heads of research from the steel companies as well as from Jernkontoret. The Managing Director of Jernkontoret, the Technical Director, and the Research Managers of Jernkontoret’s Technical Areas are also included in the council. And so are persons from Jernkontoret and Industriarbetsgivarna, who are responsible of the industry's recruitment issues.

The Council

  • monitors the main lines of the joint industry research in Sweden (within Jernkontoret, Swerim AB as well as university institutions concerned) and of EU research (within the Research Fund for Coal and Steel, RFCS and Horizon 2020).
  • keeps itself informed about funding possibilities for this joint research and acts to ensure that these funding sources can be utilised in the best possible way for the industry’s needs.
  • assists Jernkontoret in the case of enquiries from research authorities etc.
  • safeguards and promotes education and research at technical universities in Sweden and activates initiatives that help to meet the requirements of the industry.
  • supports university education and recruitment for universities.

Members of the Research and Education Council

Eva Petursson, SSAB AB, Chairperson
Mikael Andreasson, Björneborg Steel AB
Petter Damm, Uddeholms AB
Tom Eriksson, Alleima AB
Juha Erkkilä, Outokumpu Stainless Steel Oy
Paul Janiak, Outokumpu Stainless AB
Pasi Kangas, Sandvik AB
Joachim Larsson, SSAB Europe
Eva Lindh-Ulmgren, Alleima AB
Gert Nilson, Jernkontoret
Göran Nyström, Ovako AB
Robin Olsson, Suzuki Garphyttan AB
Annika Roos, Jernkontoret
Stefan Sundin, Erasteel Kloster AB
Rose-Marie Yttergren, Höganäs AB
Patrik Ölund, Ovako AB
Helena Malmqvist, Jernkontoret, Secretary