Communications Group

The Communications Group works with communication issues of common interest to the iron and steel industry.

Collaboration on the steel industry communications

Jernkontoret's communication group consists of communication managers and communicators at Jernkontoret's co-owners and stakeholders. The group collaborates in industry-wide activities such as Ståldagen and events in Almedalen. Some industry-wide issues, such as employer branding and sustainability communication, are discussed in the group.

The group is led by Jernkontoret's communications director Maja Boström. The  group meets twice a year and - among other things - study visits, courses or trainings are arranged in different constellations. In order to increase the accessibility of the group members, meetings are also held digitally.

The Communication Group

  • comprises a link for the transfer of information from Jernkontoret to the companies.
  • discusses and promotes visibility for the Swedish steel industry.
  • helps to implement decisions of Jernkontoret’s Council in the companies.
  • is a sounding board and generates ideas in the planning of joint industry activities.
  • collaborates prior to visits from politicians and public authorities.
  • shares journalistic contacts, photographic material, school contacts, etc.
  • discusses image-affecting issues.
  • discusses sponsorship issues.
  • is a bearer of the steel industry’s joint Vision 2050.
  • is active otherwise in mutual information exchange.

The Group met at Jernkontoret in October 2019. From left: Frida Morell (Outokumpu), Ulrika Porath (Sandvik Materials Technology), Stian Pharo (Erasteel Kloster), Mia Widell (SSAB), Martin Mårtensson (Ovako), Anna Thorell och Maja Boström (both Jernkontoret), Charlotte Ekberg (Uddeholm), Jonas Nordlund (Outokumpu). Ann Wulf (Höganäs) och Lena Norrström (Triple Steelix) were also attending the meeting via link. Tommy Ekholm (Jernkontoret) is also missed in the picture. 

Members of the Communications Group:

Maja Boström, Jernkontoret, Chairperson
Jessica Alm, Sandvik AB
Åsa Brolin, AB Sandvik Materials Technology
Åsa Bäcklin, SSAB (Luleå)
Eva Dannberg, Erasteel Kloster AB
Håkan Deodorsson, Björneborg Steel
Charlotte Ekberg, Uddeholms AB
Sara Grip, Carpenter Powder Products AB
Robert Gustafsson, Uddeholms AB
Sari Heikkinen, SSAB (Oxelösund)
Ivan Kaic, Hjulsbro Steel AB
Maria Karlsson, Suzuki Garphyttan AB
Viktoria Karsberg, SSAB AB
Magnus Lindenmo, Surahammars Bruks AB
Frida Morell, Outokumpu Stainless AB
Martin Mårtensson, Ovako AB
Kristin Nilsson, Ovako AB 
Jonas Nordlund, Outokumpu Stainless AB
Elja Nordlöf, Sandvik Materials Technology
Lena Norrström, Triple Steelix
Kirsi Persson, Celsa Steel Service AB
Stian Pharo, Erasteel Kloster AB
Ulrika Porath, AB Sandvik Materials Technology
Ulrika Rask-Lindholm, Höganäs AB
Anna Thorell, Jernkontoret
Magnus Westher, Ramnäs Bruk AB
Mia Widell, SSAB AB
Ann Wulf, Höganäs AB
Pål Åström, Outokumpu Stainless AB 
Anna Östlund, SSAB (Borlänge)