Sweden’s steel industry aims to become an even larger stakeholder in the ongoing transformation to the sustainable society, and also to take a greater responsibility for people and the environment in which they live. Several of the UN’s new global objectives for sustainable development show that the steel industry’s work is proceeding in the right direction.

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (the Bruntland Commission’s definition from 1987). Sustainable development comprises three dimensions that interact and support one another:

  • Ecological sustainability
  • Social sustainability
  • Economic sustainability

The Swedish steel industry's joint vision

The steel industry in Sweden intends to become an even more active participant in the ongoing shift to a sustainable society – with a greater responsibility for people and the environment. In 2013, the steel industry  therefore decided to adopt an industry-wide vision leading up to 2050: "Steel shapes a better future". Three commitments arise from this vision:

  • We lead technical development
  • We nurture creative individuals
  • We create environmental benefits

Learn more about the vision.

UN’s global goals for sustainable development

With the UN’s new line-up of development goals, there is a possibility of integrating all three dimensions of sustainable development. The steel industry, for its part, welcomes this approach. Even where the development goals are overarching in character, several of the goals are directly applicable to the Swedish steel industry. Find out how the goals can be connected to the steel industry's commitments arising from the vision:

Network for collaboration on sustainability

There is a network for the mining, iron and steel companies intended to advance collaboration and the interchange of experiences surrounding sustainability issues. The network is jointly co-ordinated by Jernkontoret, SveMin and the Swedish Association of Industrial Employers.
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Business & Biodiversity Sweden

Business & Biodiversity Sweden is an initiative to create a cross-industry network of biodiversity and strategic business development. The network cooperates on issues related to ecosystem services, biodiversity, natural capital and how all these can benefit business development. The network is run by Enetjärn Natur and Enact Sustainable Strategies and is supported by Jernkontoret and Svemin.
Read more: Business @ Biodiversity Sweden (

Creative employees create environmental benefits through technical development. Photo: Mikael Ullén for Ovako.