Published reports, TO 34

Published reports from Jernkontoret's technical area 34, Tube. The list is sorted after the publishing year of the reports, with the most recently published at the top of the list. 

Note: TO-reports are only available to participating companies. However D-reports are open for everyone.  
D-reports can be ordered or downloaded, see "Publications".

RakaRör. Etapprapport
Jan Niemi
2019 (TO 34-9) 

Inventering av möjliga alternativ till betning av rör efter varmbearbetning (TubeSurf – slutrapport)
Johan Ahlström, David Lindell, Mikael Persson, Hanna Lange, Linus Wall, Kari Hautakangas, Lars Fager & Rachel Pettersson
2015 (TO 34-8)

TubeSurf – delrapport 2
2015 (TO 34-7)

TubeSurf – delrapport 1
2015 (TO 34-6)

2015 (TO 34-5) 

Fibertube Advanced - delrapporter
Karl Fahlström et al.
2013 (TO 34-4)

Fibertube Advanced
Karl Fahlström, Greger Wiklund & Ingemar Eriksson
2013 (TO 34-3)

On-line dimensionsmätning av rör
Björn Sjögren
2011 (TO 34-2)

Fibertube. Genomförbarhet av svetsning och skärning av rostfria rör med fiberlaser.
Alexander Kaplan, Greger Wiklund & Elin Westin
2008 (TO 34-1)