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Optimization of the Geometric Design of Moulds, in order to reduce the Energy Consumption for Continuous Casting of Slabs

S. Peter Andersson et al.

2013. 88 s. (Jernkontorets forskning D 857)

Pris (SEK): 300:-

A full review of previous mould design work within the research programs of Jernkontoret has been carried out. Based on these design principles an Excel spreadsheet methodology has been developed. This resulted in two moulds being engineered and manufactured, one designed for blooms and one designed for slabs. The moulds have been instrumented with thermocouples. All the experiments were successfully carried out at SSAB EMEA Oxelösund and Sandvik Materials Technology. At SSAB EMEA the main activity was focused on improving the plate results. For SMT the main focus was to decrease or completely eliminate the appearance of corner cracks. The experiments at SMT as well as SSAB EMEA did not,
however, show the expected and wanted results.