Nordiska Valsverksingenjörsföreningen (NVIF)

An association for engineers working with hot working processes of metals. 

Nordiska Valsverksingenjörsföreningen (NVIF) is a professional association with the task of strengthening the links between rolling mill and forging engineers in the Nordic region. The association shall also facilitate meetings between the members for discussion of issues relating to hot working processes of metals.

Nordiska Valsverksingenjörsföreningens logga

The annual meeting with guest lectures is held one Friday during March in Falun or Borlänge, Dalarna, Sweden. The second meeting, held in the autumn, takes place at a company active in the sector and is followed by a visit to the plant.

Application for membership

Completed application form, see related documents, should be sent either by e-mail or regular mail to the secretary.


Richard Åhlberg


Ludovic Gailleton