Bergshandteringens vänner (BHV)

Since 1864, Bergshandteringens vänner (BHV) has acted to "stimulate and maintain interest in the mining and metal industries". The association’s office is to be found at Jernkontoret. 

The real object of the professional association Bergshandteringens vänner (Society of Metal and Mining Industries) is to generate and maintain interest in mining and metallurgy. This takes place through lectures and discussions on subjects that relate to mining and metallurgy during the annual meetings and through the publication of its proceedings.

The annual general meeting is held during January in connection with Hindersmässan (Hinders Trade Fair) in Örebro.

BHV:s logga


Anders Ullberg

Secretary and Treasurer: 

Rosina Gartz


Lena Johansson, Jernkontoret