Production, utilisation, recycling

Steel has since long formed part of an efficient eco-cycle. On these pages you can read more about all parts of the steel eco-cycle - from the raw materials to the recycling of scrap metal. 

Raw materials and energy are used in the steel production processes that supply finished steel products (e.g. plate, strip, tube, bar, rod and wire) and residual products (e.g. raw materials for steel production and road construction material). The steel is then used to produce end products, for utilisation in our day-to-day life. When the steel products are worn out they are sent for recycling and are then sold as new  raw material  (scrap metal) to the production processes – and so it goes on and on in the eco-cycle of steel...

The steel eco-cycle

The residual products, in many cases, goes into other eco-cycles.

Sweden’s steel industry is working on environmental issues within all areas that relate to the steel eco-cycle. This involves, for example:

  • Increasing the recycling of steel products 
  • Improving the efficiency of energy use
  • Enhancing the recycling of residual energy e.g. for the heating of homes.

The processes for steel production and processingare under constant development; the object is to ensure that the raw materials are utilised to the maximum and the incidence of waste and emissions to air, land and water are minimised as far as possible. 

It is largely owing to the fact that the work with eco-cycle issues within Sweden’s steel industry has been ongoing for so long that we are now leaders in this field.