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Investigation of Standardization Needs Related to the Steel Industry's Climate Transition

Karin Östman

2023. 68 s. (Jernkontorets forskning. D 898)

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Appendix 1: Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Life Cycle of Steel (pdf, 9 s., 356 kB)

Appendix 2: URSTARK Initiatives and stardards (pdf, 44 s., 1,6 MB)

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The transition to a low-carbon economy in the steel industry is highly prioritized by various decision-makers worldwide. The steel industry, responsible for 7-9% of global greenhouse gas emissions, needs to significantly reduce its carbon emissions to contribute to the global goal of achieving "net-zero" emissions by 2050. The transition is underway, and currently, Sweden and the Swedish steel industry hold a leading position in the global shift towards fossil-free steel production.

In the project "Investigation of Standardization Needs Related to the Steel Industry's Climate Transition," known as URSTARK, several components were involved. These components include the mapping of relevant standards and initiatives, a stakeholder analysis, discussions and analysis of project results, and finally, the compilation of conclusions and a set of proposed actions.