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Study on the STEELTEMP® programs

Pekka Mäntylä & Johannes Sallinen

2001. 18 s.
(Jernkontorets forskning. D 785)

Pris (SEK): 300:-

The Steeltemp® programs are very comprehensive and can be used for analysis of many different steel processes. For reheating furnaces detailed 2D, 3D and CFD studies can be made. The mathematical furnace models in Steeltemp® 2D are compatible with the on-line mathematical models in the Furnace Optimising Control System for Reheating Furnaces, FOCS-RF, developed by Mefos, and sold world-wide on a licence basis by ABB Automation System AB. Carpet diagrams can be calculated and calibration of the heatiing model can be done for FOCS systems using Steeltemp® 2D. This calibration software is unique and a very import part of Steeltemp® 2D.