Project 3 (2018-2022): The Agenda 2030 Compass for strategic decision making

The third project, started this past December, is moving the Agenda 2030 Compass from prototype stage to development stage to fit global actors. This tool will aid organisations’ decision making.

The Agenda 2030 Compass is based on all the SDGs and analyses how the different goals and targets affect each other. In this way, it can quantify, visualize and compare how different action options contribute social value as measured through the SDGs. A measure can contribute positively to several goals at the same time but also have negative effects on some others, for example, a certain effort for increased public health can increase gender equality and economic activity but give increased emissions.

As with the previous projects, this project will be carried out in a co-creation process with industry, public authorities, academia and civil society. Key actors with a special mandate to work towards the SDGs will play an important role as stakeholders. The results of the project will be possible to use for strategic decision-making in business sectors, within governments, for research and civil society organisations to assess the societal value impacts from investment options, research strategies and policy development.

Stockholm Environment Institute, The Swedish steel producers’ Association and the Swedish steel industry, has for several years collaborated around the concept of societal value; what it means, how to measure it and get it to control future investments. This is a unique initiative in which a heavy industry, in cooperation with researchers and leading social actors, analyses how decisions about investments or measures affect the conditions for achieving all the goals of Agenda 2030.