Project 2 (2016-2018): Development of methods and toolbox for assessment of societal value within the Swedish steel industry

In October 2016, Jernkontoret and SEI started a continuation project. On the basis of the map (action plan) from the first project a “societal value compass” was developed. The idea was that the compass will show the route to as much societal value as possible in relation to the UN’s global targets and interim goals for 2030, as well as looking into how societal value can be linked to the societal balance sheet. Results from workshops contributed essential input to the project.

Overall analyses were carried out into how the global targets interact with, or indeed counteract, one another nationally and globally. These analyses were used in the first workshop. Some thirty or so selected persons from industry, the academic world, politics and civic affairs were then invited to discuss how the steel industry can further add to its positive effects and, at the same time, minimise any negative effect on the societal value created in Sweden and internationally.

During the spring and summer, a prototype for a “societal value compass” was beginning to develop, and this will subsequently be tested. 

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