Project 1 (2015-2016): Swedish steel industry for increased societal value

There is a high degree of uncertainty concerning developments in the world – in both the shorter (2020) and longer term (2050). Regardless of one’s view or opinion about the future, these uncertainty factors must be faced by the Swedish steel industry in its efforts to achieve the vision of leading technical developments in the industry as well as attracting and developing creative talents and collaboration partners in order to deliver only products of value to the community. Shared advances in knowledge, a scenario report for 2050 and a project report in the form of a ten strategic action points for community value and a scenario report for 2050 were key results of the work carried out during the first part of the project.

Ten proposed strategic action points

Ten proposed strategic action points for achieving the Swedish steel industry's 2050 vision.

The four scenarios served as the starting point for continuing work into how different types of strategic measure can contribute to maintaining the steel industry as one that is competitive and that creates societal value; but also one that successfully navigates in relation to future scenarios and actively contributes to desirable future outcomes. The proposals for the ten strategic measures presented in the final report are hence relevant, quite independently of which scenario – or indeed which combination of scenario – should actually occur. It is the overall effect of the proposals which are mutually reinforcing. However, the actions of a number of different stakeholders are required to obtain full value from this process, since this interaction is a prerequisite for actually achieving the vision set forth.