Steel creators

There seems to be no limit to the possibilities of how steel can be used. Ever since the beginning of the iron and steel industry, innovative and creative people have brought forth a constant flow of new products and applications. Here we present certain exciting steel creators and their work today.

3D-printed Lady Gaga steel shoes created by designer Naim Josefi together with Sandvik (2015).

Sweden’s iron and steel industry has a long history that starts in the early Middle Ages. Since then, the development of technology and human creativity, marching hand in hand, has steadily contributed to new products and areas of application for iron and steel.

The steel industry’s joint vision Steel shapes a better future incorporates three undertakings, of which the second is We nurture creative individuals. Here we wish to cast a spotlight on some of these people – steel creators who think in original ways and explore areas of application for steel, beyond what we might normally expect.

See examples of inspiring steel creators: