Engineer in the steel industry

For those holding a Master of Science or a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in Materials Science, the steel industry offers a future with many interesting challenges. Here you will find scope for visionary thinking, the will to invest, environmental awareness, advanced technology and good profitability. There is also ample scope for both personal and professional development.   

In Sweden you will find many of the most innovative steel companies, with production of leading edge products that are then sold across the world. This means that companies have a large number of production units or sales companies abroad.

What does an engineer actually do?

Any list of examples of an engineer’s work would be a very long one indeed. Engineers are to be found in almost all areas of modern life and they occupy a whole series of different positions – covering a large number of different tasks and responsibilities.

If you are a qualified engineer in the steel industry, you could find yourself working in any of the following roles: product specialist, researcher, manager or product developer, senior technician, consultant or project manager. And you can specialise in technical development, industrial operations, marketing, sales, environment, production, information, energy and design. In the role of engineer you have every chance of finding a position that fits you perfectly; where you can develop and find the challenges you seek.

There are certain things that most engineers have in common: they are problem-solvers driven by curiosity; they work in one way or another with development and improvement. Their activities are based on a broad technical education with specialisation within a particular area.