Bergwerkslexicon is a very extensive work of reference in two parts, comprising over 2200 pages. It was published in 1789 and written by the mineralogist Sven Rinman (1720–1792) who has frequently been called the ‘father of Swedish mining and metallurgy’

This encyclopaedia of mining and metallurgy covers all the chemistry and science concerning metals and geology as well as practical know-how concerning forges, blast furnaces, mines and other installations; their equipment, methods, arrangement, running and maintenance.

Bergwerkslexicon is therefore an exceptional source for historians so far as the chemistry and mining and metallurgy of the 18th century is concerned. It constitutes an easily accessible work of reference not only for the knowledge of the period within these areas but it is also a result of one’s man research, carried out on his own account and seen with his own eyes.

We have chosen to publish this work in its entirety on its website so as to be more easily accessible for the public and researchers.

34 plates was published for the dictionary. Certain figures from the plates are included in the text as links.


Please bear in mind that the old Swedish spelling is used:
words that begin in kv are to be found under qv etc.

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Sven Rinman