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Elektrisk ämnesvärmning för applikationer inom stålindustri

Hesam Mortazavi et al.

2022. 75 p.
(Jernkontorets forskning. D 892)

Price (SEK): 300:-

Electrical material heating is one of the most challenging processes for steel production. Due to the high energy use, significant environmental benefits can be achieved if fuel can be replaced from fossil to renewable. Heating equipment is expensive with a long investment cycle, which makes it important to choose the right technology and the energy source in the long term. In this report, the performance and function for electric heating systems have been evaluated and based on these conditions, answers to important questions for electric heating systems have been obtained, e.g., through good dialogue with two large / relevant suppliers of induction heating systems, participating in the group is also Kanthal who has extensive experience of heating systems where resistive wire is used.

The project starting point has been which heating steps are most relevant to investigate for electric heating for each participating company. The work has focused on material heating, which often requires a higher temperature compared to the heating steps for subsequent heat treatment. In the group for participating companies today there are several electric heating systems that are used to operate at temperatures <1100 ℃ and hence good knowledge of these systems. Regarding higher temperatures and preheating steps before rolling and forging, however, high temperature and power are more significant and not known to the same extent.