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FuRAM – Follow-up on research needs for industrialization of metal additive manufacturing

Annika Strondl et al.

2021. [46], 3, 15, [1] p. (Jernkontorets forskning. D 887)

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Metal additive manufacturing (AM) has great potential for certain applications and many good examples have been shown. Some products are already in production, globally as well as in Sweden, and the market forecasts show exponential growth the coming years. In 2016-2017, a roadmap called RAMP-UP - Roadmap for research and innovation to industrialize AM of metals in Sweden was made [1], followed by a SIP Metallic Materials AM-call based on the conclusions [2]. This project, aims to summarize the stateof-the art of metal AM, evaluate the current status of the roadmap, and the effect of the funding. Furthermore, the updated most prioritized needs from industry in Sweden has been collected.

The forecasts for the metal AM market are still optimistic, even if a dip occurred in 2020. Compared to 2019, the size of the metal AM market is expected to double until 2025 and be five times the size in 2030. Significant steps have been taken the last years in several areas and many great examples of industrialization can be seen. In Sweden, some companies have products like powder, equipment, and AM components in production on high TRLlevels. However, widespread industrialization is taking longer time than expected.

Funding of metal AM research in Sweden from different agencies sums up to almost 600 MSEK for 2010-2020. Only in 2020, the funding was 160 MSEK. Additionally, inkind contributions from industry and other stakeholders are on approximately the same level. All RAMP-UP areas, that were identified in 2017, have been explored to different extent during the last years. Progress has been made regarding many of the RAMPUP challenges, but more efforts are needed in all areas. The effect of the funding is expected to speed up the industrialization of metal AM in Sweden. In some soon to be finished SIP Metallic Material projects all companies answering a survey (6 of 9) plan to release new products within 0-5 years, supported by the project results.

According to the Swedish industry, these are the current areas of highest priority for national support:
• AM eco system development
• Quality assurance
• Industrialization efforts
• Powder, material, and process
• Environment, health, and safety

Getting from a technology push to a market pull situation, building trust for the technology and among stakeholders along the value chain, is key to growth and prosperity.