Circular Residue Usage in the Metallurgical Industry, CIRRUS

A two days intensive course about circular residue usage in the metallurgical industry, an hybrid-webinar on-site at University of Oulu in Finland and online via Zoom.


12–13 November 2020


  • Hybrid-Webinar via Zoom and On-Site at University of Oulu in Finland

The course on Circular Residue Usage in the Metallurgical Industry (CIRRUS) is developed within the EIT RawMaterials and it is aimed for professionals in metallurgical industry, research institutes, PhD students, environmental agencies, as well as decision makers. Engineers new in the area can get a quick start at the new job positions, and experienced ones reach a broader knowledge on cross-sectorial opportunities.

The CIRRUS course will provide an intensive knowledge on recirculation of residues such as secondary materials generated in different metallurgical industries as well as EOL products. Origin and characteristics of these materials in addition to the opportunities and the challenges in recycling to existing metallurgical industry will be discussed. Characterization methods, pre-treatment methods, agglomeration techniques and specially designed processes for recycling will be presented and discussed. Sustainability for recycling, environmental issues and economy will be addressed.

The course consists of eight blocks focus on steel residues and secondary materials, their origin and characteristics as well as challenges and possibilities of recycling. Methodology for residual characterization, pre-treatment, agglomeration, residues recirculation, special processes designed for recycling and sustainability for recycling and products from residues and EOL.

Invitation and information about registration (pdf)