Utlysning av exjobb

Jernkontorets teknikområde 31, Band och plåt, har två examensarbeten som söker intresserade studenter.

Det är SSAB, Outokumpu, Sandvik, Impetus och Jernkontoret som tillsammans står för utlysningarna.

Shearing process in slitting equipment for high strength steel products

The aim of this study is add to the knowledge regarding the shear process used in cutting high strength steel product. The quality of the shear surfaces the life span of the equipment; shear parameters and geometry of the cutting edges are in focus. The influence of vibration in the equipment with regard to the quality of shear surfaces is also to be investigated.
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Slitting induced defects in sheet metal and plates

The main purpose of this study is to approach the problem from the plate material point of view. Which mechanical processes is the plate going through? Which of the material parameters affecting this process? How is the failure or defect generation correlated to state of the stress? The main focus of this study is on the slitting process, which is continues shearing process in a slitting line.
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Saed Mousavi, SSAB
saed.mousavi@ssab.com, 070 657 24 66

Lars Olovsson, IMPETUS
lars@impetus.no, 08 774 57 10

Rachel Pettersson, Jernkontoret 
rachel.pettersson@jernkontoret.se, 08 679 17 04