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High strength steel in tipping trailer

Fact sheet about environmental benefits of high strength steel in tipping trailers.

In English.
2015. 2 s. 

A bulk tipping trailer is used mainly for transporting steel scrap and steel coils to and from steel plants. For vehicles that transport heavy freight, for example metals and scrap, a weight reduction frequently means that the vehicle’s load capacity increases. Greater load capacity entails fewer transport journeys to carry a certain quantity of goods. This, in turn, means more efficient transport journeys and reduced environmental impact.

In a case study, through life cycle assessments, the environmental benefit of upgrading steel in a tipping trailer to high strength steel was investigated.

Upgrading the steel in a bulk tipping trailer to high strength steel resulted in the trailer’s carrying capacity being increased by 1.3 tonnes.

Emissions of greenhouse gases thereby declined by 5-6 % over the trailer’s lifetime.

To produce lighter trucks with high strength steel leads to more efficient transportation and reduced environmental impact.

The fact sheet is a summery from a case study within the environmental research program The Steel Eco-Cycle.
Learn more about the program.