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High strength stainless steel in tank trailers

Fact sheet about environmental benefits of high strength stainless steel in tank trailers.

In English.
2015. 2 s. 

Stainless steels are normally used in environments that are corrosive or aggressive and where high demands are placed on hygiene. Through using high strength steel in tank semitrailers it is possible to produce lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles and their load capacity frequently increases also. This leads to more efficient transport journeys and reduced pressure on the environment.

A study has examined the differences in a tank trailer’s environmental impact when the tank is produced from two different stainless steel grades: a normal stainless steel and a high strength stainless steel. The tank trailer’s environmental impact has been quantified through life cycle assessments.

Despite the environmental impact from production of the high strength stainless steel being greater than the ordinary stainless steel, the environmental impact for the upgraded tank semi-trailer’s entire life cycle is, in fact, lower.

Through using high strength steel in a tank semi-trailer the load capacitycould be increased by 2 tonnes.

The number of journeys required to transport a certain volume of cargo is thereby cut by almost a tenth.

During the tank trailer’s lifetime, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by about 90 tonnes CO2e.

The fact sheet is a summery from a case study within the environmental research program The Steel Eco-Cycle.
Learn more about the program.