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High strength steel in motor dumper trucks

Fact sheet about environmental benefits of high strength steel in dumper trucks.

In English.
2015. 2 s. 

For vehicles that transport heavy payloads, a weight reduction frequently means an increase in the vehicle’s load capacity. Greater load capacity means that fewer journeys are required to transport a certain quantity of goods which leads to reduced impact on the environment.

Swedish steel and the companies’ knowledge of its applications create opportunities for manufacturing more efficient structures that reduce environmental impact when the products are used. The use of high strength steel in vehicles is one example of this potential.

This shows the importance of paying attention to the environmental impact during the steel product’s entire life cycle, and not only examine the environmental impact from the production of the steel it self. The properties of steel in terms of high strength, long operating life and recyclability make the material a significant component of sustainable development.

The fact sheet is a summery from a case study within the environmental research program The Steel Eco-Cycle.
Learn more about the program.