Steel in sustainable clothing for the fashion-conscious

The Swedish designer Naim Josefi continues to collaborate with the steel industry. A first glimpse of his latest design and materials project, Mineral Elements, was recently presented. The project will hopefully result in something that is attractive enough for a young fashion-conscious target group, and at the same time uses metallic materials in more functional and wearable clothing and accessories.

Material produced within the framework of Mineral Elements. Photo: Björn Stensson Lyckebo.

Naim Josefi's latest creative project, Mineral Elements, was presented in October. It aims to strengthen the concept of innovative materials in fashion, by and for the metal industry. Here, a coherent supply chain is created from material production through design and clothing to production of collections that can then be introduced to the market.

Mineral Elements involves The Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås, Naim Josefi AB, Kanthal – part of Sandvik Group, Umbilical Design, The Strategic Innovation Program Metallic Materials and Jernkontoret.

– The strategic innovation program Metallic Materials is brave, and I am pleased that they see the benefit of continuing our successful collaboration, not least in finding sustainable new solutions where we may least expect them, says Naim Josefi, designer and promoter of the Mineral Elements project.

Naim Josefi is a well-known name in the fashion industry. He has also previously collaborated with the steel industry and created dresses and shoes made of steel.

– Together we have already shown how metals can be used in fashion. First shoes in 3D-printed steel and then two collections where steel was used in dresses that were both shown on fashion shows and used in contexts such as the Oscar gala and the Swedish national song contest "Melodifestivalen". 3D printed jewelry in steel has also been included in the collections. This material is of interest to fashion enthusiasts who have high demands on sustainability, continues Naim Josefi.

Naim Josefi, a well-known name in the fashion industry. 

The initiative for the Mineral Elements project was taken by Naim Josefi. He now explores the possibilities of using metallic materials in more functional and wearable clothing and accessories.

– This is not just an awesome material. The project itself shows that steel, which can be fully recycled, can contribute to new sustainable applications and products in areas that we do not traditionally cooperate with. The ideas, expertise and materials can be found within the framework of The Strategic Innovation Program Metallic Materials are, says Gert Nilson, Technical Director at Jernkontoret and manager for Metallic Materials.