Swedish steel-dress goes on catwalk in China

The steel-dress worn by Swedish Song Contest host Clara Henry will on Friday, March 24 appear on the catwalk in Beijing, China. 

Clara Henry dressed in steel during the Swedish Song Contest March 11. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist.

The now famous steel dress was created by Swedish fashion designer Naim Josefi. Its 6000 sequins were developed in a collaboration with Voestalpine Precision Strip in Munkfors, Sweden. The steel is only 22 microns thick − a quarter of a normal hair. The mill in Munkfors is one of few in the world able to produce such thin steel.

− This collaboration shows the opportunities inherent in steel. Creativity and technical skills in combination can create an exceptionally elegant steel dress that is neither heavy nor difficult to wear. Also, the steel is 100 percent recyclable, says Gert Nilson, technical director at the Swedish Steel Producers' Association, Jernkontoret.

It is the Chinese equivalent to Association of Swedish Fashion Brands that has invited Naim Josefi to present the same show that opened Fashion Week Stockholm in late January. The Chinese organization has visited a number of shows in Europe and invited selected designers to China.

− It is of course an honor to be invited. Many Chinese people are wealthy and looking for creativity, which they expect to find in Europe, Josefi says.

In addition to the blue dress worn by Clara Henry, a black dress and a silver one are part of the show. The concept attained quite some attention in February, when actress Bahar Pars wore a steel decorated dress by Josefi at The Oscars.

The strategic innovation program Metallic materials and Jernkontoret have supported the project financially.

Our vision includes attracting and developing creative people. New, exciting collaboration is part of working toward that vision, says Bo-Erik Pers, Managing Director, Jernkontoret.

Stålpaljettklänningar på Stockholm Fashion Week

The three steel dresses presented at Fashion Week Stockholm on January 29 will be shown in Beijing on March 24. Photo: Fashion Week Stockholm.

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Gert Nilson, Technical Director, Jernkontoret and Program Manager for Metallic Materials, +46 70 253 01 14, gert.nilson@jernkontoret.se

Anna-Karin Nyman, Director of Communications, Jernkontoret, +46 70 206 75 62, anna-karin.nyman@jernkontoret.se