About the collection

Jernkontoret's picture collection is a historical image archive that contains images of drawings, paintings, photographs etc, associated with mining, metalworking, iron and steel production from the 17th century until today.

The picture archive at present contains about 4 400 images. The number will gradually increase as we add Jernkontoret’s historical metallurgy picture collections, and also newly taken photographs.

The images depict a moment of reality during the year indicated by the accompanying picture caption. For this reason, company names appear which, owing to the industry’s restructuring processes, no longer exist. Products, processes, persons, premises etc. may also have changed.

Search functions

All information in the database is in Swedish. There are two ways of searching:

In the case of a keyword search one or several words are keyed in and the search produces all the images that match the words.

It is also possible to narrow the searching in accordance with certain criteria, such as epoches, Swedish counties and themes.

About the images

All the images are in jpg format and are not retouched or wholly colour balanced. There are three versions of an image:

  • "Thumbnail", i.e. the search result images.
  • Mid-size, with information about the image and the author. 
  • Large, high-resolution (300 dpi, best suited for printing). Theese images are as a rule between 1–7 Mb in size, but even larger ones are available; this means that it can take a long time to download them.  

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