We nurture creative individuals

Our working environment fosters new solutions for communities through global collaboration. Our creativity constantly challenges the limits of contemporary thinking.

Inspection of the tuyeres, which are placed in the lower part of a blast furnace.

The second commitment in the common 2050 vision of the Swedish steel industry, Steel Shapes a Better Future, involves developing creative talents.

Creative people in the steel industry are essential to maintaining a competitive industry and for the continuous development of socially useful products.

In the UN’s future sustainable development goals, education and lifelong learning are identified as crucial areas for lifting people out of poverty, achieving gender equality and contributing to better health.

The industrial organisations Jernkontoret, the Swedish Association of Industrial Employers, the Swedish Association of Mines, Mineral and Metal Producers (SveMin) and The Swedish Forest Industries Federation collaborate on issues related to the industry's need for competence. For example, inspiration days for membership companies and stakeholders are organised. 

The Swedish steel industry operates in a global market. This implies diversity and international recruitment are necessary to sustain success.

The steel industry is also working with education in schools, for example through the project Järnkoll (building relationships with High School students).
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Furthermore, the steel industry carries on joint research and collaborates with universities, technical colleges and research institutes such as Swerea Mefos, Swerea Kimab and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). 
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