Triple Steelix

Triple Steelix is an innovation system – a structure to facilitate the transformation of innovations and new ideas into viable enterprise. 

From cutting-edge ideas to profitable steel products 

In this context, innovations do not only refer to groundbreaking technical solutions but also to improved production methods, more rational use of new steel grades or efficient methods for delivering services of different types.

Since 2005, Triple Steelix has been able to create new services, new products and new companies in the mineral-rich Bergslagen district of central Sweden. During 2015, a further step was taken to make this region even more attractive for enterprise, using the steel industry as base. This initiative, extending over several years, implies that Triple Steelix supports business development within three underlying areas:

  • Optimising industry’s value chain
  • Innovation within resource and energy efficiency
  • Working to make industry an attractive employment choice. 

Initiators of Triple Steelix in Bergslagen

Triple Steelix encompasses fourteen municipalities in the three Swedish counties of Dalarna, Västmanland and Gävleborg. The County Administrative Boards, the higher education institutions, the major steel producers and regional organisations such as Region Dalarna and Region Gävleborg are also committed to the success of Triple Steelix.

Implementation and funding

The main responsibility for Triple Steelix lies with Jernkontoret which appoints the board. Jan Andersson is the Director.

VINNOVA (Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems) provided funding for Triple Steelix over the first ten years (2005-2014). It has also awarded grant funding of about SEK 18 million for the period 2015-2018. The initiators – municipalities, companies and higher education institutions in Bergslagen – are investing at least a corresponding amount in the project in the form of financial and human resources.

The large steel producers and about 200 small and medium-sized enterprises with links to the steel industry are participating in the project in different ways. At the same time, existing networks in the steel industry, both informal and more established ones, play an important role for Triple Steelix.