Jernkontoret's Energy network

An extensive network intended to spread knowledge on energy efficiency and to organize interchange of experience within the iron- and steel industries. The network is coordinated by Jernkontoret.

Jernkontoret's Energy network has around 200 members, the majority working with energy issues in the iron- and steel industries. Other representatives come from universities, university colleges, technique providers, the forest industry and national and local authorities.

As a rule network meetings are arranged once or twice a year. Every meeting includes a seminar on a specific theme on which expert operators are invited to speak. The meetings are often hosted by a company where a tour of the works is offered.

You are invited to participate

If you would like to join the network, please contact Jernkontoret.

The last network meetings

  • Efficiency and conversion of heating and annealing furnaces of the steel and engineering industries, November 2018 at Ovako in Hofors.
  • Efficient flue gas systems, October 2017 at Ovako in Smedjebacken. Article about the seminar in Swedish (
  • To measure is to know, but is measuring enough? Achieve efficient electricity and energy accounting, December 2016 at Sandvik Materials Technology in Sandviken
  • Earn and absorb the surplus heat of the steel- and engineering industry, April 2016 at SSAB and Teknikdalen, Borlänge.

In the report Energinätverk inom gruv- och stålindustrin, rapport D 837 (English summary) there is more information about the Energy network and how it started, as well as good examples of energy efficiency in the iron- and steel industry.

More about energy use in the mining and steel industry:
• Open research reports