Järnkoll is the name of a Jernkontoret initiative that aims to inspire young people to join us and shape a better future for all, based on employment in the steel industry. By casting light upon the steel industry, its companies and their employees as well as relevant educational programmes, Järnkoll fosters knowledge but also relationships between people.   

The steel industry offers many things which are attractive to young people. These include innovation, sustainable development, leading edge technology, global presence and good career prospects. In general, people have limited knowledge of the steel industry and how the material we call steel contributes to creating a sustainable society. Järnkoll is working to increase our knowledge of this. Järnkoll, moreover, is busy creating networks and contact points between high school students and employees in the steel industry who act as inspiring role models.

You are invited to contact Lars Ragnarsson, Amanda Källén or Nathalie Krumm if you should wish to know more about Järnkoll!

For those of you at High School:

Are you studying a science and technology programme at High School? Then, Järnkoll can ensure that you are put in touch with interesting people in the steel industry and opportunities for visiting steel companies. It‘s in these meetings with people from the steel companies that you gain insights into this industry and learn what it’s like to work in it.

You will learn about different types of material and how, thanks to a properly analysed material choice, you can improve different metal products in terms of functionality and sustainability.

For those of you with special interest in the steel industry, Järnkoll goes that extra mile to furnish you with opportunities for company contacts and more knowledge about different materials and their areas of application.

You are welcome to follow Järnkoll on Facebook. There you get both information about what Järnkoll is up to and inspirational tips to do with steel innovations and development.

What other students have said about Järnkoll:

“So interesting to see how steel is really made.”
Student, Nyköpings Enskilda Gymnasium

“Definitely an eye-opener for me!”
Student, Nyköpings Enskilda Gymnasium

If you are a teacher or school head:

Järnkoll can give your students a unique contact point with industry where learning about materials is combined with providing an insight into working life and the opportunities available. Järnkoll arranges meetings at your school with interesting people linked to the modern steel industry. It also ensures that the students are able to visit companies within the steel industry.
Järnkoll can contribute with new approaches to learning and finding interesting challenges linked to mathematics, chemistry and physics.

The work takes place in close collaboration with High School students on natural science and technology programmes who, in a range of activities, get acquainted with the fantastic opportunities offered by the steel industry. The activities aim to enhance the technical interests of the students as well as motivate them to undertake further studies.

What teachers and head teachers have said about Järnkoll

“The Järnkoll project, together with input from SSAB, has helped to give our young people on the natural science programme specialised knowledge of how to apply physics, chemistry and mathematics in a practical environment.”
Per Skogqvist, Deputy Head, Nyköpings Enskilda Gymnasium

If you already work in the steel industry:

As a representative of the steel industry you are in a position to contribute your unique knowledge and to gain fruitful contacts with potential future employees. Furthermore, you have a chance of learning more about their values and interests.

This is a chance for you and your company to present the innovations and the employees, to talk about career paths and opportunities and what makes your company stand out from all the rest!

What representatives of the steel industry have said about Järnkoll

“The Järnkoll project gives us as employer a valuable opportunity to come into contact with the young students on the theoretical programmes.”
Göran Bergman, HR Development, SSAB Special Steels

Happy sudents from Brogårdsgymnasiet to visit Scana Steel in Björneborg (the company is today called Björneborg Steel).

Järnkoll is currently working with 14 partner schools:

  • Kullagymnasiet, Höganäs
  • Soltorgsgymnasiet, Borlänge
  • Göranssonska skolan, Sandviken
  • Karlfeldtgymnasiet, Avesta
  • Älvstrandsgymnasiet, Hagfors
  • Tullängsskolan, Örebro
  • Pihlskolan, Hällefors
  • Brogårdsgymnasiet, Kristinehamn
  • Wijkmanska gymnasiet, Västerås
  • Nyköpings enskilda gymnasium, Nyköping
  • Kungsholmensgymnasium, Stockholm
  • NTI Vetenskapsgymnasiet, Stockholm
  • Klara Teoretiska Gymnasium Västra, Stockholm
  • Internationella Kunskapsgymnasiet, Stockholm