Järnkoll is the name of a Jernkontoret initiative, the goal of which is to build relationships between the steel companies and the employees of the future.

The work takes place in close collaboration with selected partner schools, where High School students studying science and technology have brought to their attention, through a number of different activities, the fantastic opportunities that the steel industry has to offer.

These activities include specially adapted maths lessons where engineers come to the schools and demonstrate how maths is used to solve actual engineering problems. Also included are special study-workshops to prepare for the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (an instrument of selection to higher education). This ensures that more young people secure the entry requirements for degree programmes leading to steel industry careers. All the activities aim to increase the technical interest of the students and motivate them to undertake more advanced studies.

Järnkoll currently works with ten partner schools in Sweden::

  • Kullagymnasiet, Höganäs
  • Soltorgsgymnasiet, Borlänge
  • Göranssonska skolan, Sandviken
  • Karlfeldtgymnasiet, Avesta
  • Älvstrandsgymnasiet, Hagfors
  • Tullängsskolan, Örebro
  • Pihlskolan, Hällefors
  • Brogårdsgymnasiet, Kristinehamn
  • Wijkmanska gymnasiet, Västerås
  • Nyköpings enskilda gymnasium, Nyköping

Through casting light on the steel industry, the different companies and the relevant degree programmes and courses, Järnkoll builds knowledge, interest and contacts. The outcome is that more young people see their future within the steel industry.

Järnkoll Plus

For High School students who are capable and show special interest in the steel industry we wish to do that little bit extra. That is why we started Järnkoll Plus. Here we offer ambitious students a more advanced insight into our industry through challenging activities which take place both at the steel companies and in the universities.