JoSEn, an energy research program

The program JoSEn (Iron and Steel Industry Energy Use) supports research projects likely to contribute to enhanced energy efficiency, increased energy recovery and reduced carbon dioxide emissions within the iron and steel industry. 

The JoSEn program is a collaboration between Jernkontoret and the Swedish Energy Agency that runs during the period 2013–2018. In 2019, a summary of the results will be published.

Program’s vision and objectives

The long-term vision is as follows: the Swedish iron and steel industry in 2050 is competitive and a trailblazer in terms of scientific knowledge in the international market, supplying energy-efficient, climate-sensitive products that reflect a caring approach to the environment.

Goals for the program period:

  • to support projects that aim to increase the energy efficiency of the iron and steel industry.
  • to maintain the excellent research groups that operate at Swedish higher education institutions and research institutes at present.  
  • to disseminate the program’s results to the steel industry.

The program is intended to support well-embedded projects which, on completion, will lead to good dissemination of the results and implementation in the long and short term. In order to achieve maximum resource efficiency in the entire iron and steel industry process chain, the thermal process stages of the mining process are also included in the program.

More information about JoSEn

Everything that relates to the research program is published on the website
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