TO 21 Iron ore-based metallurgy

Jernkontoret’s technical area 21, Iron ore-based metallurgy, is where collaboration takes place between companies and organisations interested in research into coking, sintering, different reduction processes (e.g. blast furnace for pig iron production) and oxygen gas process for crude steel production. 

Tapping of liquid crude steel from BOF converter (oxygen furnace). 

The technical committee meets 2-3 times a year, either at Jernkontoret or at member companies. 

Committee Chairperson

Hanna Friberg, SSAB Special Steels, Oxelösund

Research Manager

Robert Vikman, Jernkontoret

Member companies

LKAB AB, Luleå
Nordic Carbide AB, Sundsvall
SSAB Europe AB, Luleå
SSAB Europe Oy, Brahestad
SSAB Special Steels, Oxelösund

Co-opted members

Aalto University, Helsinki
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Luleå University of Technology, Luleå
Swerim AB, Luleå

Purpose and general orientation

To monitor developments in the area, from the sintering process and other preparatory operations up to and including tapping of steel into the ladle.

  • Coke production
  • Sintering, raw materials to blast furnace, lime production
  • Reduction processes
  • Blast furnace process, desulphurisation of pig iron
  • Oxygen processes
  • Alloy additions during tapping
  • Process control, energy savings

How does one become a member of the technical area?

The technical committee determines the acceptance of new members. Please contact the Research Manager of the technical area if you are interested in participating, or if you have questions about its activities, membership fees etc.