An industrial emissions directive fit for a green deal

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Swedish Forest Industries Federation (SFIF), Jernkontoret (the Swedish Iron and Steel Producers’ Association), the Swedish Association of Mines, Mineral and Metal Producers (Svemin) and Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden (IKEM) welcome the European Parliament’s approval of a balanced set of revisions to the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

The European Parliament voted on the revised Industrial Emissions Directive on July 11. 

We believe that the amended text improves the European Commission’s draft proposals to the benefit of the environment, innovation and European business. The adoption of Parliament’s position also brings welcome certainty to the process of ultimately implementing the IED.

Swedish Enterprise, Swedish Forest Industries, Jernkontoret, Svemin, and IKEM have worked closely together on the directive and would like to praise Radan Kanev, rapporteur for the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment (ENVI), and Tomas Tobé, rapporteur for the Committee on Industry (ITRE), for their understanding of the key role the IED has for the environment and as an opportunity for development.

The IED is intended to prevent and control emissions from large-scale agro-industrial installations and is part of the EU’s green and circular transformation of industry.

Issues raised by the industrial sector included the importance of a degree of flexibility in the legislation in terms of environmental impact and resource use. An unnecessarily strict directive would render the green transition considerably harder to achieve and undermine the good intentions of the IED.

The Council set out its position on the IED earlier this year and we now look forward to continuing to work in trialogue negotiations regarding the IED, and in due course when the new rules are adopted into Swedish law.

Eva Blixt, Researcher Manager and Senior Advisor, Jernkontoret
Kristina Branteryd, Director Environment, Svemin
Helena Sjögren, Director of Environmental Policy, Swedish Forest Industries
Karin Nilsson, Expert Environmental Policy, Swedish Enterprise