3rd Swedish Hydrogen Seminar – embrittlement phenomena in metallic materials

The HYTOOLBOX project and Jernkontoret's technical committee TO 41 invite to the 3rd Swedish Hydrogen Seminar. This will build on the network for hydrogen related techniques started up by the previous HYSTEEL project.

Date and time

14 October 2021, 10:00-16:00


  • Online (with possible participation at Jernkontoret)


The project HYTOOLBOX is a collaboration between 10 partners in Sweden and will run until 2022. The aim is to understand and improve the resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.

In order to broaden the exchange of information to include a spectrum of materials and investigation techniques HYTOOLBOX and Jernkontoret's technical committee TO 41 are planning to arrange the Third Swedish Hydrogen Seminar. This will build on the network for hydrogen related techniques started up by the previous HYSTEEL project and the seminars in 2018 and 2019.

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10.00  Introduction
Torbjörn Narström, SSAB

10.10  Hydrogen trapping in high strength steels
Steve Ooi, Ovako

10.40  Hydrogen trapping in other metals
Christina Bjerkén, Malmö universitet

11.00  Break

11.10  Characterization of size and distribution of precipitates for Hydrogen traps with SANS and APT (TEM)
Erik Claesson, Swerim

11.30  Characterization of Hydrogen traps with TDMS and mechanical degradation
Birhan Sefer, Swerim

12.00  Lunch break

13.00  The hydrogen society
Mats Lundberg, Sandvik

13.30  HYBRIT – Towards fossil free steel
Niklas Kojola, SSAB

14.00  Hydrogen, energy efficiency and the misguidance of common sense
Björgvin Hjörvarsson, Uppsala universitet

14.30  Break

15.00  Influence of heat treatment on HE fracture mechanism/behavior in 17-7PH steel
Guocai Chai, Sandvik

15.30  The use of experimental fracture mechanics for environmental assisted degradation
Armin E. Halilović, KTH

16.00  Summary
Torbjörn Narström, SSAB