Activities and standpoints

Jernkontoret safeguards the steel industry’s interests within a number of areas that are of special importance for the competitiveness of the steel companies. 

The steel companies are part of the motor driving forward the national economy; its products comprise an important constituent of Sweden’s exports. These circumstances cannot be taken for granted but presuppose that the companies can cope effectively with the international competition. This requires, among other things, a strategic target for competitiveness and growth within industry, combined with a greater public awareness of steel and the importance of the steel industry for national prosperity and social welfare.

Jernkontoret’s task is to safeguard the steel industry’s interests through acting to ensure the best possible preconditions for the steel industry’s operations in Sweden.

Jernkontoret represents the steel industry on issues that affect the following areas: 

Within these different areas, Jernkontoret aims to bring about, for example:

  • Relevant system of taxes and charges that prevents double measures.
  • Simplified handling of environmental and permit issues.
  • A free and fair trading system.
  • A well-built and efficient infrastructure (also power grid).
  • Efficient and competitive transportation.
  • Long-term funding of the strategic energy and metallurgical research programmes.
  • Investments in industrial research institutes.
  • Specialised education that corresponds to the steel industry’s actual needs.

More of our positions are described under the respective area of activity.

Other activities

Together with the steel companies, Jernkontoret works to fulfil the steel industry’s shared vision for 2050 – "Steel Shapes a Better Future".  
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Jernkontoret leads the joint Nordic steel research.
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Research concerning the history of mining and metallurgy is also led by Jernkontoret.
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The general state and development of the wider economy is decisive in the development of the markets for steel. Consequently, Jernkontoret carefully monitors the economic cycle and economic developments, both nationally and internationally. Jernkontoret also produces industry-specific statistics, market analyses and forecasts.
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Employment market and health and safety at work 

Jernkontoret does not represent the interests of the steel industry within the employment area. Issues that relate to the labour market and the work environment are handled by the Steel and Metal Employers Association within the Swedish Association of Industrial Employers (Industriarbetsgivarna).
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